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Did you know that the average person in the UK uses around 150 litres or 33 gallons of water each day? Reducing the amount of water that we use in our normal day to day lives is high on the agenda for many people, and we don’t need to spend a fortune to make changes to our behaviours to really make a difference.

  1. Put a brick in the toilet tank

Ok, I know it sounds odd and it doesn’t have to be a brick, but this old wives tale has been around for years and works like a dream. The ‘brick’ obviously causes water displacement, meaning that less water is used to flush as the ball cock believes that the tank is full and stops filling. Interestingly, even by having less water in the tank, the flush pressure is still the same – you just use less water.

  1. Why bathe when you can shower?

Have you ever put the plug in the drain whilst having a shower? Have you seen the difference in the amount of water used whilst having a shower? Generally speaking, an average bath uses 80 litres of hot water, with the average shower using far less.

  1. Shorter Showers

Many of us have that one person in their house who once they get in the shower, won’t come out. Reducing the amount of time that you spend in the shower can be an obvious solution to saving water, however programmable smart showers are rising in their popularity and make your shower routines exceptionally easy.

Programmable smart showers do exactly what they say, you can pre-programme your showers – from temperature, to the length of time the shower will be operational, even down to adjusting the lighting and also volume levels if you have an audio device built in. Tracking your water use is also simple, which makes your far more economical with the amount of water you are using, which can also reduce your energy bills

  1. Turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth!

Leaving the tap on whilst brushing your teeth for a short period can use over 6 litres of water. Why not just turn it off until you’re done?

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