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Today there are an estimated four million households that are not on the gas grid; however there are several alternatives to heating an off grid property such as; solar, ground source or oil.

Oil is also known as a wet system. An oil boiler works by heating water within the property and feeding the water through the radiator system.

Oil is delivered to the property and stored in a tank outside; this tank has to be rented or bought from the oil supplier.

Pros of an oil system

  • Efficient off grid heating source
  • Available as heat only and combination condensing oil boilers.
  • There are oil boilers designed specifically to be placed outside which can save on space inside
  • External oil boilers are surrounded by a fully insulated cabinet to provide optimum performance through freezing temperatures
  • Oil is a highly efficient fuel, utilising modern condensing technology, oil boilers now achieve 90% efficiency

Cons of an oil system

  • There needs to be space available externally for the oil storage tank, the tank also needs to be easily accessible by the oil supplier
  • The hot water temperature can decline in an oil system when more water is used


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