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New gas central heating boilers

Viva Gas believe the central heating boiler is the centre of all properties, the demand for hot water and heating from  a boiler all year around essentially means it’s the heartbeat of all occupied buildings. In order to choose the right new boiler installation, we believe consideration needs to be given to the following points.

  1. The size of the property which requires the new boiler installation

New boilers vary in size, consideration needs to be given to the size of the new boiler in relation to the amount of bathrooms and radiators the new boiler installation will supply, plus extra consideration should be given if there is a property extension in the pipeline, which will create further heat demand for the new boiler.

  1. The amount of bathrooms the new boiler installation will supply

Depending on how many bathrooms there are in the property or if any new bathrooms are to be plumbed into the property, this will impact the size the new boiler required plus the boiler type i.e combi boiler, system boiler or regular boiler.

If researched has been carried out and a conclusion drawn that a combi boiler replacement is the best options, this would only be possible if there is a sufficient cold water supply entering the property. Viva Gas is able to check the supply for customers by using a ‘Flow Cup’.

  1. The flow rate of water (water pressure)
  • A bath requires a minimum of 8 litres of hot water per minute in order for it to be filled in a normal amount of time
  • Baths usually take 90 litres therefore it would just take over 10 minutes to fill
  • If you have two bathrooms and you would like to cater for both baths or showers to be used simultaneously, you would require a water flow rate of 16 litres minimum and a combination boiler


Viva Gas’s new boiler chart – a helpful guide considering size of a property in relation to the type and model of boiler required

Boiler Type 1 – 2 bed 2-3 bed 3 – 5 bed 1 bathrm 2 bathrms
Combi Greenstar CDi
Combi Greenstar CDi Compact
Combi Greenstar Si Compact
Combi Greenstar i
Combi Greenstar Highflow CDi
System Greenstar CDi Classic
System Greenstar i System
System Greenstar i System Series
Regular Greenstar CDi Classic
Regular Greenstar Ri Series
Regular Greenstar Ri
Regular Greenstar FS CDi Regular

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