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Room in a Roof Insulation Installers

Room in roof insulation relates to insulating at roof level for pitched roofs, fitting insulation between the joists and maximising the space below for storage or living space. This is particularly popular in houses where there is a dormer in the former attic area.

The correct type of insulation can make a very big difference in roof rooms and not only makes them more comfortable living spaces, but far more energy efficient.

Older houses with a room in a roof are often very cold in winter and too warm in summer, this is a result of poor insulation. The correct insulation will help regulate this and make the room a comfortable living space all year round.

Newer conversions are likely to have some insulation, but if the work was carried out before 2003 when the building regulations changed, it is likely to be below current specifications and building standards. A specialist will be able to check what, if any, insulation is currently in place, and provide their recommendations to make your home more cost and energy efficient.

The installation of insulation in loft rooms is not a DIY project as there are considerations from both ventilation and fire protection, therefore it is always recommended to seek professional advice. Several products are available depending on the roof design and construction. Our preferred suppliers include Kingspan, Knauf and Sellotech insulation products.

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