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Loft Insulation Installers

Why insulate?
Loft insulation is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to save energy and money in the home. Loft Insulation should last for over 40 years; that equates to 40 years of reducing heat loss through your roof and 40 years of putting cash back in your pocket.

If you are thinking of using your loft as a living space or your loft has already been converted, there is an alternative; you can insulate the room-in-the-roof. This means you would insulate the space in the roof itself rather than the loft floor.

Is your home suitable for insulation?
If your loft suffers from existing damp or condensation, insulating will be a problem, as trapped air or limited ventilation will only increase the issue.

Our Viva Gas surveyor will be able to inspect your loft or room in the room in the first instance to recommend if extra ventilation is required before laying the blanket insulation.

Environmental benefits of insulating
All homes are issued with energy performance certificates (EPC), by April 2018 a UK regulation; Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) will be in place which enforces home owners to bring their property EPC rating up to an E If they wish to sell, rent or continue renting.

These regulations have been put in place to protect home owners; insulating contributes to reducing fuels bills by keeping the heat from escaping your home plus reducing CO2 emissions as less fossil fuel is consumed.

What is the financial benefit of insulating?

If your loft is already insulated you can still save money by increasing the amount of insulation in your home.
The following calculations have been made by the Energy Savings Trust

Type Detached House Semi Detached House Mid Terrace House Detached Bungalow

Loft Insulation (0 to 270mm)

Fuel bill savings (£/year) £240 £140 £135 £200
Typical Installation cost* £395 £300 £285 £375
Carbon Dioxide savings (kg CO2/year) 990kg 590kg 550kg 820kg

Loft Insulation (120 to 270mm)

Fuel bill savings (£/year) £25 £15 £15 £20
Typical Installation cost* £310 £250 £240 £295
Carbon Dioxide savings (kg CO2/year) 95kg 55kg 50kg 80kg

Estimates based on insulating a gas-heated home with either a totally uninsulated loft, or topping up existing insulation from 120mm to 270mm. (The recommended depth for mineral wool insulation is 270mm but other materials need different depths). – Energy Savings Trust

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