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Central Heating

A typical property generally now benefits from a central heating system. Although most central heating systems take care of themselves Viva Gas believe it is beneficial to understand the central heating system installed in a property owned.

Thermostatic radiator valve A.K.A TRV
A TRV’s purpose is to control the temperature of a radiator and heat in a room. TRV’s are not compatible with room thermostats which are already in place to control the room temperature. A TRV is placed on the water feeding pipe connected to a radiator.

System filter
Over time there can be a build-up of metals or rust particles and lime scale within the central heating system. These particles become suspended in the water which is pumped around the central heating system. The particles will build over time and eventually cause blockages and damage components within the central heating system.

A system filter is fitted to the system pipe and removes the particles preventing future blockages.

A radiator transfer’s heat into the air, as warm air passes over the radiator panel and upwards, the cold air gets pushed back down onto the radiator panel, a pattern is formed and warm air is circulated around the room.

Radiators are best placed away from a window and away from curtains which can cover and obstruct the heat from the radiator circulating around the room.

Heating controls
Boilers have a thermostat installed into the system; this thermostat can be altered to heat the water to a desired temperature which is pumped around the central heating system.

A timer can turn the central heating system on and off

A room thermostat will sense the temperature of the room, when the temperature reaches a too cold or too hot point, a sensor within the thermostat will be triggered and the central heating will switch on or off. Thermostats are best placed away from a window and away from curtains which can cover and obstruct the sensor; they need to be placed in an area where the air circulates.


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