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Ways to Save Money

It is inevitable that when the weather starts to get colder, we spend more on heating our homes. But can we make changes to our homes that will bring down the monthly spend on gas and electricity? Insulating your loft could be an obvious thing to do, but there are other steps that you could take to make your home into an energy efficient dream.

Adaptations to our homes don’t need to cost the earth in order for us to save money – sometimes changes to the way that we behave during the winter months can make a difference to our bills.

Smart meters are a fantastic way to monitor our usage of gas and electric and are usually provided free of charge from energy companies. Not only are you no longer required to provide meter readings in order to receive an accurate bill, you can also see how your home uses energy and how small changes to your patterns of behaviour can make a difference to what you pay.

Whilst advances in modern technologies are consistently being made, convenient solutions for heating our homes are readily available to suit our needs, a lot can still be said for traditional methods of keeping the heat inside of our homes.

  • Draught proofing
  • Thick lined curtains that are closed on an evening
  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Wear warm clothes
  • Find an ambient temperature – avoid turning the thermostat up and down for the central heating
  • Place heat reflectors behind radiators

A new A rated energy efficient boiler is an ideal way to reduce your energy bill – especially if you currently have an old inefficient boiler. Inefficient boilers cost more to operate due to more gas being burnt to heat your home, therefore our customers often find that the savings they make from having a new boiler installed can actually cover the cost of the finance to pay for the boiler replacement. New boiler finance options can be tailored to suit your requirements, therefore give us a call to see how our low monthly repayments and long repayment terms can help you secure a new boiler.

Insulating your home is also an excellent way of retaining heat within your home. Up to 25% of heat is lost through an un-insulated roof. With the correct measures in place, the grant funded room in the roof insulation you could save up to £240 on your fuel bill per year. Check to see if you qualify for grant funding towards insulating your home.

If your home was built from 1920 onwards and has a cavity you could well benefit from having cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation acts as a blanket for your home. In the winter cavity wall insulation stops heat escaping from your property. In the summer the cavity wall keeps the property cool by deflecting the heat from the sun. Cavity wall insulation can make such a difference to your home, and due to the vast majority of the work being done externally, it can be a very quick and hassle free solution to save money and make your home more efficient. Do you qualify for grant funded cavity wall insulation?

Above anything – check to see if your energy provider is giving you the best deal or switch to an alternative provider. By doing this, you could instantly make a saving in comparison to what you are currently paying.

Check the energy ratting of your old boiler or the new boiler you are considering purchasing. The energy rating will help you to assess if the boiler is inefficient and needs replacing. For the most efficient new boiler you should be choosing an A-rated unit

If your property is connected to the grid, gas central heating is usually the cheapest option for heating your home bar a renewable system

Just because there is no mains gas supply, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Oil boilers and an oil central heating system could be an option, so can LPG or a renewable energy source.

Installing the correct heating controls, such as thermostatic radiator valves, room thermostats or a timer, will aid an A-rated boiler in using the right amount for energy for your property.

If you are not considering a new central heating system or new boiler but still feel like there is room for energy improvement in your property, you could consider insulating your loft. Old houses often have very little insulation which is reflected by much higher bills in winter. Viva Gas has a qualified team of engineers who are capable of laying insulation in line with the correct ventilation and fire protection guidance.

Shop around for an energy supplier, sticking with the same company isn’t always financially beneficial, using a comparison site will help you source the best supplier for your home.

Gone are the days of benefits of duel fuel only. Companies are now specialising in one fuel which can bring the cost down considerably.

Always ensure you are buying energy efficient appliances; sometimes spending a little more on energy efficient appliances can benefit you financially in the long run.

Energy saving bulbs and LED’s last far longer than traditional bulbs giving you light for twice as long.

There not always the right solution to saving water for every home. Check out websites such as the consumer council for water, for independent advice.

Contact your council or water provider and ask about their water saving devises such as: shower savers, water butts and water flush savers. All of these devises will help reduce the amount of water a household will use reducing the annual water bill.

Don’t leave gadgets on standby or switches and plugs switched on but with no appliance attached or being used. The average household spends approximately around £80 per year on appliances and gadgets on standby.

If you are struggling to heat a room without cranking up a thermostat, try a radiator booster, boosters draw heat from behind the radiator and fan it around the room heating the room effectively.

Opting to pay by direct debit can help spread the cost over several years of low monthly repayments, this could help keep the household within a monthly financial budget.

Make an income and expenditure spreadsheet, this will ensure you can; track payments, keep in budget, save and see what expendable cash you have available each month.

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