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The Green Deal Explained

Energy efficient home improvements have been made even easier to finance through the Green Deal, where you have no upfront costs for installation and pay back the costs through your energy bill over a selected period of time.

Unlike a loan, the costs remain with the property, therefore if you move house, the new owner or tenant absorbs the costs as the energy savings are still taking place in the property. The savings that you make on your energy bills should cover the cost of the loan, therefore you shouldn’t see a rise in the amount that you are paying for your gas and electricity.

Green Deal plans can only be offered by a limited number of regulated companies, who will send a Green Deal Assessor to your home to conduct an in-depth survey to see if you meet the criteria and that any potential installation meets the ‘Green Deal Golden Rule’. This basically prevents homeowners from paying more for the Green Deal Plan than the savings that a new installation would generate.

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