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Free Loft Insulation Grants

Up to 25% of heat is lost through an un-insulated roof. With the correct measures in place, the grant funded room in the roof insulation you could save up to £240 on your fuel bill per year.

This kind of insulation is predominantly popular in houses with a fixed staircase leading up to their loft room. Grant funded loft insulation is placed in between the joists and is netted in along the dwarf walls. This will stop any loft insulation escaping out of the side of the building. Insulation and plaster boards will then be placed along the sloping ceiling and along the flat ceiling space of the loft room, as heat raises upwards this will stop heat escaping through the roof of the building.

Building regulations for loft conversions require a minimum of 270mm layer of fibre or wool insulation in the eaves and around 175mm of rigid board to be supplied and fit on the sloping and flat roofs. Rising house prices have led to a dramatic growth in loft renovations and people adjusting their roof space to use as extra living space. Proper insulation can make a massive difference in these ‘roof rooms’ all year round, resulting in more comfortable and energy efficient living spaces.

Newer room in roof insulations have to be fit to regulations but if the work was carried out before 2003, it is unlikely to meet existing specifications and building standards. We can check what, if any, insulation is currently in situ, and recommend what steps you can take to save energy and money.

Traditional loft wool can be placed between the joists of the roof, to ensure the maximum amount of heat is retained within the home. More recently, spray foam has become a very popular product to insulate homes as it not only provides efficient draught proofing, it also provides structural stabilisation and is self-adhesive – so doesn’t require any mechanical fixings. Visit to find out more about this product.

We don’t recommend laying your own loft insulation as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration that may result in damage to your property if not carried out correctly. Ask a professional for advice regarding ventilation and fire protection and to help you choose the correct insulation for your roof design and construction. At Viva Gas we use only the best insulation available on the market.

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