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Boiler repairs might appear on the surface to be a cheaper and more convenient option at the time, but in hindsight, many customers find that by biting the bullet and buying a new A rated energy efficient boiler, will actually save them money and time.

Even though many boilers can be repaired, this can often be a false economy with the costs of repairs ever increasing and the potential worry of going home to a house that has no heating again, this is the kind of stress that in our modern lives, we can all do without.

Do you live with the fear? Does doubt nag at you on your way home, making you dread opening the front door in case the boiler has broken down again? This feeling is more common than you would think, and you would be amazed at the difference that having a new A rated boiler installed in your home would make.

At Viva Gas, we only work with the UK’s leading boiler manufacturers and offer long warranties to give you that additional piece of mind that your heating and hot water is protected. You would be surprised at how much you could save by having a new boiler installed in your home, and if you decided to take out a finance package to cover the cost of this, the money that you save each month could actually be more than the monthly repayment that you are making.

Finance packages at Viva Gas can be tailored to suit your needs, and many of our customers enjoy low monthly repayments along with long repayment terms of up to ten years. We are confident that we can put together the right package for you, to ensure that your home is warm and comfortable so you can literally put your feet up, sit back and relax.

Why is an A rated new boiler more efficient?

As technology has developed, the integral workings of boilers have too. In a nutshell, the heat exchanger is designed to transfer heat between two fluids, therefore the larger the heat exchanger the more heat can be exchanged. Heat exchangers within A rated boilers are a lot larger, which means more heat can be transferred to either the central heating system or hot water, making them more efficient. As they are more efficient, less gas is used in the process which in turn saves you money.

In the same way that advances have been made to boiler technology, huge leaps have been made in the way that we control and monitor our heating. Smart heating controls along with generic heating controls aid massively in the reduction of costs as they are more compatible and specifically designed to fit in with our lives. Meaning ultimately, that we can programme our heating to compliment when we are at home therefore potentially cutting out burning gas when we simply don’t need to.

Do you want to upgrade to a new A rated boiler or considering smart heating controls? Call Viva Gas now to book a free survey!

"After discovering the bottom part of some of my radiators were never getting warm, I rang Viva Gas for some advice. They were very helpful and sent out an engineer straight away who power flushed my central heating system. It’s now working like it is brand new." - Mrs Swallow

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