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Commercial Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Solar panels are a cost efficient way to generate hot water and heat your business premises. The panels collect heat directly from the sun. This produces solar thermal hot water by heating the water stored in a water cylinder housed in your building.

Most solar thermal systems consist of solar panels mounted on a roof facing due south. In this position they get direct sunlight and can perform to maximum efficiency. Conversely, shading your solar panels creates less efficient system. Although most panels are mounted on a roof, they can also be mounted at ground level. Regardless of their location, they should be installed between a 20 and 50 degree gradient from horizontal to gain the best results.

A commercial solar thermal heating system can significantly enhance your business. Most existing hot water systems can adapt to solar panels but ideally you need a cylinder that is big enough to store two days’ worth of water and it must have two coils. We highly recommended that you check with your boiler manufacturer whether or not it is a combination boiler, as not all combination boilers accept pre-heated water.

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